Rosemary Street (2018)

Album Cover for Rosemary Street single, with b-side Levitation of Crystal

Several of my songs take place in a fictional Midwestern town, which is mostly a composite of Athens and Marietta in Ohio. Rosemary Street runs through downtown and is lined with several shops. It’s a good place for taking a walk, getting a coffee, and browsing through books. The lyrics of this song saw a lot of revisions over the course of two years. I started with this idea of two people run into each other at a bookstore after years apart. For a moment it feels as if nothing’s changed, until they see an awkward young couple that reminds them of their old selves.

I had set aside two days to devote to the recording of the guitar and vocals for this track. Unfortunately, an illness descended upon me earlier in the week and I was still tired and congested the day of. Impatient to record and without any more free days coming soon, I recorded anyway. I think the vocals suffer as a result, but I still feel good about the songs; I hope to redo them someday.


Saturday morning’s sun cast shadows
Across the vacant breakfast table;
I drew a frog on your phone book cover,
While your mother said you were out buying records
On Rosemary Street.
On Rosemary Street.

Saturday evening, we almost held hands,
Or at least I thought of it.
The sun broke away unnoticed
And you wished me better luck next time
On Rosemary Street.
On Rosemary Street.

I’m afraid we’ll be afraid
Of whom we used to be
When we meet our old selves perusing
The shelves of the old book store
On Rosemary Street.
On Rosemary Street.

I find it hard to close my eyes,
But I wouldn’t change a thing
Even if I could,
But, oh, if I could.

Levitation of Crystal

Our son’s copy of Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia Of Magic inspired this song. The Levitation of Crystal illusion involves raising a glass in the air by secretly looping a thread around it. The book explains many other illusions including several that simulate communicating with the dead. That became the theme of the song. I changed Crystal to the name of the recently departed and I had my story. This spirit uses the medium’s methods herself to constantly reach out to the living.


Crystal’s hands were leaden hands
Arranging matchsticks in the dark
A tapping on the table
A rapping at the door
Spirit mediums in the back of the store

Crystal rings the bells singing
Within the sealed pine black box
Once for yes
Twice for now
Candles dance where no breezes blow

Float above the remaining
Float above their pain
Crystal calls at midnight
Crystal calls all night
And nobody gets any sleep
Nobody gets any sleep
Nobody gets any sleep

Crystal marks the corners of the cards
While drinking from teacups secretly
Leaves the leaves
Discards a coffin nail
Crystal’s eyes tell a ghostly tail

She said “take this coin
And don’t let it go
Some day you’ll find me
By the side of the road
Wanting to go back home.”


Hollywood Hills (2017)

I wrote the song “Hollywood Hills” after after watching a Big Star documentary, in the summer of 2015. “Hollywood Hills” combines the feeling of the life of Chris Bell as told by that documentary with various scenes from my own life in the late 90s. I pretty much had the whole thing down within a few minutes. The main story centers around an ambiguous “they”, which I hope comes across as a couple. Initially it was all first person, but it felt too much like I was telling somebody else’s story.

I knew from the start how this how song would sound. For a short period in 2016, I was in a band to whom I presented this song. It went through some drastic changes that I never felt comfortable with and I brought it back to this original vision after the band ended.

Of all of my songs as Trip Gunn, this is the most guitar-oriented. The song reminds me of stuff I was doing around 2000. The track features six acoustic guitars and four electric guitars. These layers of guitar presented some new challenges to me in the mixing process, but I hope that everything worked out in the end. It was certainly fun to create.

Hollywood Hills

They can’t take the trip to the Hollywood Hills
Those celluloid sights fill broken dreams
Like ice hangs from the tailpipes of cars
In the lost memories of a winter

With hands frozen drying eyes on shirt sleeves
The sky high grey and sighing
Through the outline of leaves forever falling
It never ends but the hope is always there

I’m pulling away my cart
Covered in parts of coffins
Through remains of destruction
Places we’ll find your heart
Under the wheels of construction
Your Hollywood Hills

Mixing headaches with heartaches in the morning
They take walks down forgotten paths
And return home with a box of regrets
It’s a dance to hide it under their floorboards

Write a letter home
But you don’t know what to say
Just talk about the new sidewalk
And your broken telephone
And the grey sky raining down on
Your Hollywood Hills

Did you ever do that dance?
Did you ever do that dance?
Did you ever do that dance?
Did you ever do that dance?

Abandoned Cars

This song’s music originated with the band I was in a couple of years ago. I played the bassline on my keyboard and the drummer Bowman Kelley and guitarist Ryan Connor starting jamming over top of it. It was pretty rocking. I sang ad-lib lines about a runaway; I went home and wrote full lyrics based on a couple of lines from a song I’d written a year previous. This driving little number makes me proud and I hope you like it too.


Sleeping in abandoned cars
Count my change, count the stars
Horizon’s fading out, nobody there at all
In abandoned cars

She said we’re going to fall
Took the keys from the table
Ran out the front door in the afternoon
In abandoned cars

I ran a thousand miles
With the photos of our smiles
Paper corners torn, sun faded memories
In the passenger seat

What I saw, what she saw
All the things nobody saw
Sorry I fell down, sorry I fell apart
In abandoned cars

Through the wire of the telephone
I heard her heart was breaking
A plastic metronome thrown down the stairs
We’re abandoned cars.