Marianne (2017)

Album Cover for Marianne single, with b-side Ed Harrington (Three Spacemen)

“Marianne” was one of the earlier songs I wrote for Trip Gunn, with very little revision from the initial version. The music drives through Am until the coda. Elvis Costello had originally intended his song “Uncomplicated” to be single chord, but had ended up bringing other chord changes in for the chorus. This idea has always intrigued me, and because the vocals of this song were going to be a menacing rhythmic chant, I thought it’d be a good candidate. But then, I’d written the final verse that needed a change of tone and so it became the coda that’s us outside of the house to the street.


Marianne tore through the pantry
Marianne tore through the wall
Through the floor to the cellar
Because Marianne saw it all

She heard a rat in the cupboard
She smelled a rat in the hall
She didn’t know the half of it
But Marianne saw it all

The air from gasoline is heady
The neighbors frantically call
Fire eats the house in a panic
In a night that dutifully falls

The blades of the flames are sharp
Scissors in the cold quiet night
Slice through roof like gift paper
A home lost winning the fight

So long kissing
Lips of flames and eyes of fire
Sadness feels like anger
The street was screaming Marianne
Only for Marianne.


This was first song I wrote for Trip Gunn after watching an episode of the Twilight Zone, “And When the Sky Was Opened” with our son. In the story, three astronauts return from a space mission. One of them, Ed Harrington, seems to be missing. Astronaut Clegg Forbes is the only person that even remembers Ed Harrington, which make him realize that something unusual is going on. Basically, each astronaut is disappearing to the point of having never existed. I started, originally, with a chorus of “Why is it that nobody remembers Ed Harrington? He once existed, but doesn’t any longer.” and wrote a song around this chorus. Those original lines themselves eventually disappeared…


Harrington, you’ve been
Places that I’ve never seen
A life that feels a real now
As a passing day dream

There were three space men
Two spacemen
One spaceman
They’re gone

There’s holes in our fabric
And you’re strategically torn
Waking up in the kitchen
Of someone else’s home

The moon was screaming that night, Ed
But time ticks silently now
You kept falling off of bridges
But didn’t make a sound

There were three space men
Two spacemen
One spaceman
They’re gone.