Trip Gunn is the musical project of North Carolina artist and musician Chris “Limeade” Lockhart. Chris is originally from West Virginia, but grew up in Ohio. In the early 1990s, Chris recorded experimental guitar-based music under the name StrawBerry Yoga. He also worked with high school friends guitarist Ryan Tevis and drummer Steve Kiral primarily for live shows. In 1996, he met James “Jimmy” Kisor with whom he shared a birthday. The two soon began working together creating music under as JellyGirl, drawing on the influence of Tripping Daisy, Marilyn Manson, Beck, Ween, Skinny Puppy, T. Rex, Mother Love Bone, and others.

In 2000, Chris moved to North Carolina and continued to record as StrawBerry Yoga. He formed a family with Lyric and their son Kiernan. Discovering soft-synths and sequencing with vst plugins, he started producing music as Vacant Sky Parlor. In 2014, Chris decided that Vacant Sky Parlor had run its course and started working on new music as Trip Gunn, named in homage to his friend Jimmy Kisor and composer Henry Mancini.